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From the farm to your store: international flavor, local quality

To provide fresh and high quality agricultural products

Our Mission

Our focus is on the production of high quality fruits, vegetables and greens, using a standardized marketing process characterized by commitment and timeliness.

We offer a wide variety of fresh and juicy fruits, carefully cultivated in our fields to guarantee their exceptional quality and flavor.

Get to know our premium products

Our Products

Discover the tropical exuberance of Colombia through our high quality products. Our blueberries are juicy and full of antioxidants, while our melons and mangos are an explosion of sweetness. Colombian lemons add a refreshing citrus twist to your favorite dishes.


Exotic fruits of the tropics

Immerse yourself in the authentic taste of Mexico with our variety of produce. Our broccoli is tender and healthy, while our carrots are crunchy and sweet. Jalapeños add a spicy kick to your favorite foods. We are committed to bringing the authenticity of Mexican cuisine to people's tables with products grown with care and passion.


Unique flavor in every bite

Conoce nuestros productos

Enjoy the delicious freshness of Peruvian mandarins, a true bite of sunshine. Our mandarins are juicy and full of flavor, perfect for a healthy and refreshing snack. We pride ourselves in offering high quality products that capture the essence of Peruvian nature.


The flavor of the Andes

Our Argentine garlic is recognized around the world for its unparalleled flavor and aroma. Cultivated with passion and experience, our garlic adds a distinctive touch to dishes. We are dedicated to providing the best garlic from Argentina, reflecting the tradition and quality that characterizes us.


Tradition and flavor in every harvest

Freshness, flavor and quality

About us

We solve the need for access to fresh, high quality agricultural products, provide variety and flavor to consumers, promote sustainability and support local farmers by facilitating the export of their products internationally.


Our Certifications

We are proud to highlight our commitment to excellence in all aspects of our operation.

Our certifications are a testament to our dedication to quality, safety and ethical responsibility.

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Our professionals are ready to help you with whatever you need. Do not hesitate to contact us

Our solutions

We provide consumers with the opportunity to access high-quality, fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables by improving people's diets and health.

Access to fresh and healthy products


We offer a wide variety of agricultural products, including exotic fruits and vegetables, which may not be readily available in all local markets.

Variety and exoticism


We guarantee that every product that leaves our fields meets the highest food safety standards, providing peace of mind to our customers and consumers. We use insecticides approved by the U.S. FDA.



By working with sustainable and local farming methods, we contribute to environmental conservation and promote responsible agricultural practices.



Helps local farmers to get into international markets by increasing their incomes, providing them with great economic opportunities in their production regions.

Exports and opportunities



Our clients


Kroger Food & Drug

Costco Wholesale

Whole Foods Market


Do you have questions or want more information?

Our professionals are ready to help you with whatever you need. Do not hesitate to contact us

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